Social People Breathe Easier, Literally

OK, the study ifriendsnvolved older adults, ages 70 to 79, but researchers suspect that revelation applies to many others as well. After all, this isn’t the first study to show that friends are generally a good thing for our health, both physical and mental. And now the news…..A Carnegie Mellon news release reports that researchers at the school measured the social roles and the pulmonary function of 1,147 healthy adults between the ages of 70 and 79 who participated in the MacArthur Study of Successful Aging. Yes, they found that the more social roles people engaged in, the better their lung function. Marriage, unsurprisingly, was the strongest positive connection to lung function, but greater numbers of social roles also were associated with better lung function even in those who were not married. Being a relative or a friend, for example, were also linked to improved lung function, but more social roles also were associated with better lung function independent of being a relative or a friend. The bottom line: make a friend, and breathe easier.

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