Shin Splints. Funny Name, But Not Fun

Shin splints soA00407F01und like the kind of thing that might be amusing, at least until you learn that their technical name is medial tibial stress syndrome. Ouch! That hurts, and shin splints can hurt for a long time, up to six months, according to this piece in the Los Angeles Times.  The Times tell us that the “stress” in “medial tibial stress syndrome” is exerted on the soft tissue surrounding the tibia, and that tissue becomes inflamed. What causes them? The Times suggests that changes in exercise routines, like adding sprints to a running workout, can do the damage. Dancing too can be the culprit. What to do? Not much. Take ibuprofen, chill, and stop exercising when it hurts. But you knew that. More, in fact, much more, in this video.

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