Now Showing: The Split-Toe Running Shoe

Remember tho10294se five toed running shoes that were (are) all the rage among people who rage about athletic gear? Well, if you thought they were a bit too much, a new running shoe is now a bit less. Writing in the L.A. Times, Roy Wallack reports on the TOPO ATHLETIC Run Trainer: a running shoe with a split-toe “Tabi” design that separates the big toe from the rest of the foot, but lets the rest of the foot be just that. Wallack calls the $100 shoe “the best of both worlds: far more natural feeling than a regular enclosed-toe shoe with similar protection, but with most of the dexterity of a five-toed shoe.” But wait, Wallack reminds us, you can’t wear a split-toed shoe with a normal sock; A five-toed or mitten-style one-toed sock is necessary.

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