No, Drinking Is Not Good For Your Heart

In a study whose results will surprise fAlcohol-by-Mark-Turner-Creative-Commonsew and disappoint many, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have found that, contrary to some extremely popular earlier studies, drinking alcohol is actually bad for your heart. A Penn news release reports that when the researchers reviewed more than 50 studies that linked drinking habits and cardiovascular health for over 260,000 people, they found that people with a specific gene that leads to lower alcohol consumption over time have, on average, better cardiovascular health. How much better? People who drank 17 percent less alcohol per week have on average a 10 percent reduced risk of coronary heart disease, as well as lower blood pressure. Wait, it gets worse: those who drank less also looked better, because they had a lower Body Mass Index.


  1. This sucks!

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