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Newest Weight-Loss Aid For Women: Mushrooms

Turns out that the latesportabella_mushrooms_triot weight loss aid for women is inexpensive, widely available, and tastes good. Mushrooms, particularly portabellas, have been shown by researchers at the University of Buffalo to reduce the glucose levels of some people who eat them, or more specifically, the female people who eat them. That’s a good thing, because lower glucose levels make it easier to lose weight and to exercise longer. The researchers gave eight men and ten women between the ages of 19 and 29 a high glucose drink, a high glucose drink with portabella powder, or Stevia flavored water with portabella powder. Later, when the researchers measured the blood sugar levels of participants, they found that the mushroom powder had clearly reduced glucose levels in women. That’s right, only in women. Read more from the University of Buffalo.

Mushroom powder reduced rebound hypoglycemia and rapid insulin decrease in women – See more at:

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