How To Spot An Aggressive Dog: Look At The Owner

Think thatTaylor_puppy_2007_b Labradoodle staring at you might be getting ready to make a big impression on one of your limbs? The best thing you can do, according to researchers at the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Sciences, is take a good look at the owner. If he or she is young, you could be right. HealthDay¬†reports that researchers at the school studied the results of 4,000 surveys about doggie aggression that had been sent to dog owners. No, it wasn’t the breed that made some dogs more aggressive than others. Rather, it was the factors below:

  • Dogs owned by people younger than 25 were nearly twice as likely to be aggressive than those owned by people older than 40.
  • Neutered male dogs were twice as likely to be aggressive as neutered female dogs. However, there was no significant difference in aggression risk between neutered and non-neutered males.
  • Dogs who attended puppy-training classes were about one and a half times less likely to be aggressive to strangers.
  • Dogs trained using punishment and negative reinforcement, however, were twice as likely to be aggressive to strangers and three times as likely to be aggressive to family members.
  • Dogs obtained from animal rescue and other sources were much more likely to be aggressive than those bought from a breeder.

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