How To Make A Good Impression In 500 Milliseconds

Want to make a good first impression? No pressure; you’ve got half a second. That’s the time frame revealed toimages-1 researchers at the University of Glascow and Princeton, who believe that a simple “hello” is sufficient for most people to determine if you can be trusted.  Or not. Medical Press reports that the study, for which subjects listened to recordings of people saying “hello” and then ranked the speaker according to 10 pre-defined personality traits, found that the recorded voices elicited the same response from participants and that these opinions were formed rapidly on hearing the voices for only 300-500 milliseconds. The most important traits were deemed to be trustworthiness and dominance, both of which were boosted when men raised their tone and women alternated their pitch. The study found that dominance is partly indicated by lowering the pitch, but more so by changes in ‘formant dispersion’, which are adjustments of your voice caused by the structure of your throat. Read more from Medical Press.

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