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Grilled Meat Is Better For You When Marinated In Beer

It sounds l140326102725-largeike the kind of thing that men have been hoping for a long time to tell their wives. And it is. Coincidentally, it also appears to be true. Grilled meat with a beer marinade is better for you than grilled meat without a beer marinade. A news release from the American Chemical Society reports that European researchers, aware of a connection of the consumption of grilled meats with a high incidence of colorectal cancer, have been looking for ways to reduce the amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which can form when meats are cooked at very high temperatures, and which are associated with cancers in laboratory animals. They knew that beer, wine or tea marinades can reduce the levels of some potential carcinogens in cooked meat, but they didn’t know how different beer marinades affect PAH levels, until now. The researchers grilled samples of pork marinated for four hours in Pilsner beer, non-alcoholic Pilsner beer or a black beer ale, to well-done on a charcoal grill. The envelope please….. the researchers found that black beer had the strongest effect, reducing the levels of eight major PAHs by more than half compared with unmarinated pork. Yes, honey it’s true, grilled meat is better for you when marinated in beer.

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