Fruit Can Lower Stroke Risk By One Third

imagesNo, it’s not news that fruits and vegetables are good for you, but the effectiveness of fruit–stroke risk declines by 32 percent for every 200 grams of fruit consumed each day– revealed in a recent study, is surprising. HealthDay reports that the study, which analyzed the results of 20 others studies that included more than 760,00 people, and which is published in the journal Stroke, also suggests that stroke risk declines by 11 percent for every 200 grams of daily vegetables. The researchers remind readers that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables has also been linked to lower blood pressure, improved blood vessel function, as well as beneficial effects on body fat, waist size, cholesterol and inflammation.

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  1. Study? Lumping fruits & veggies together invalidates the study outright. Too broad in scope as to kinds of fruits or veggies. Fruits are carb rich, namely, fructose as are some veggies, namely, potatoes, carrots so on. Avoid most fruits, not to mention pesticide infiltration in them and generally eat green veggies would be a better direction to go for strokes but hardly enough. What do you expect coming from a closed country, anyway?

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