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For Boomers, Meniscus Repair No Better Than No Repair

imgresLooking for the best surgeon to repair a torn meniscus? Four million people do that every year. Yet now comes research from McMaster University that suggests they should stop looking and start physical therapy. A McMaster news release reports that researchers at the school reviewed seven studies involving 805 patients (average age 56) that looked at the success of surgical repairs of partial meniscus tears. What did they find? The envelope please…four of the studies found no short-term pain relief in the first six months after surgery for patients with some osteoarthritis; five studies found no improvement in long-term function up to two years after the surgery. The researchers’ conclusion: middle-aged or older patients with mild or no osteoarthritis of the knee may not benefit from the procedure of arthroscopic knee surgery.

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  1. Scott Swink

    Or then, it may! My arthroscopic surgery let me resume running long distance; it was 100% successful.

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