Danger: Texting While Walking

Texting imageswhile driving gets all the headlines, largely because, OK, it can get you killed, but texting while walking is not without consequences. Researchers at the University of Queensland recently studied the movements of 26 people who were walking and texting at the same time. ScienceDaily reports that each person walked at a comfortable pace in a straight line over a distance of approximately 8.5 m while doing one of three tasks: walking without the use of a phone, reading text on a mobile phone, or typing text on a mobile phone–all while their body’s movement was evaluated using a three-dimensional movement analysis system. The verdict? Texting, and to a lesser extent reading, definitely influenced the way we walk. Texting people walked slower than non-texters, and they deviated from walking a straight line. Wait, there’s more: their heads moved around in strange ways. The bottom line: Texting while walking can be hazardous to your health, especially when crossing the street. Thank you researchers. Read more in ScienceDaily.

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  1. I always type and wlk at t he s me ti m e.
    Wha t. s won g w it dat ?

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