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Cycling May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk. Or Not.

That’s right. Cycling may increase tPhoto-by-cyclotouristFlickr-via-Creative-Commons-e1356885795795he risk of prostate cancer. Or, it may not. How helpful is that knowledge, which comes from a study at University College in London, where researchers took a hard look at the cycling habits and health of more than 5,000 male cyclists? The good news: the study appeared to disprove the suggestions of some research that cycling increases the risk of impotence and infertility. The possibly bad news: the men who biked the most, more than 8.5 hours a week, were much more likely to have prostate cancer than the other men. The confusing news: the study was far too small to prove a link between cycling and prostate cancer. The bottom line: researchers say the health benefits of cycling far outweigh concerns about a possible prostate cancer link. Just keep riding and don’t worry about it. Read more from HealthDay.

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