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Can Cool Temperatures Keep You Thin?

How coolimages is this? Researchers at the Garvin Institute are convinced that living in a cooler environment encourages the production of brown fat, the good kind of fat that burns energy to generate heat, and the kind of fat that is plentiful in lean people with low blood sugar. How do they know? A Garvin Institute write up of their experiment explains that the researchers put five healthy men through a test that exposed them to four month-long periods of defined temperature. The men lived their normal lives during the day, and returned each night to 10 hours in a temperature-regulated room. For the first month, the room was kept at 75.2 degrees, a ‘thermo-neutral’ temperature at which the body does not have to work to produce or lose heat. For the second month, it was dropped to 66.2, then back to 75.2 for the third month, and up to 80.6 for the fourth month. At the end of each month, the men were given a detailed ‘thermal metabolic evaluation, and the researchers measured brown fat. The envelope please….Brown fat increased during the cool month and fell during the warm month. In fact, during the cold month, brown fat increased by around 30-40 percent. When the temperature was turned up, brown fat decreased. Read more from the Garvin Institute.

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