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Breast Cancer Survivors Should Run, Not Walk

Running beats imageswalking in many respects, but one important advantage was revealed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, where researchers tracked the health of 300 runners and more than 700 walkers (from the National Runners’ and Walker’s Health Study) who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, for nine years. HealthDay reports that when the researchers looked at all of the women, they found a 25 percent reduction in death from breast cancer during the follow-up period for every mile of brisk walking or two-thirds of a mile of running. But when they looked at just the runners, they found that the same amount of running reduced the risk of death by more than 40 percent. The runners who averaged more than two and a quarter miles per day had a 95 percent lower risk of death from breast cancer during the follow-up period, while the walkers’ risk of breast cancer death for every mile walked each day declined just 5 percent. Read more from HealthDay.

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