Brains Over 50 Need 6 to 9 Hours Sleep

imagesThe useful takeaway from a recent study of worldwide sleep patterns by researchers at the University of Oregon is that the brains of people over 50 work better when those people get six to nine hours of sleep, but the most interesting findings are these: men sleep better than women, and men in Mexico sleep best. What’s that about? A University of Oregon news release explains that researchers analyzed data from surveys of people people 50 years old and older in China, Ghana, India, Mexico, the Russian Federation and South Africa. They found that across the board, people sleeping less than six hours and more than nine hours had significantly lower cognitive scores compared to others. Two more factoids to think about as you doze off: Women reported longer sleep durations than men in all countries except Russia and Mexico. Men and women in South Africa slept longer than in any other country. The least sleep hours for both sexes occurred in India. Read more from the University of Oregon.

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