Aspirin Cuts Pancreatic Cancer Risk In Half

Yet another remarkable thing that aspirin appears to do: cut the risk of pancreatic cancer by 50 percent. A Yale University news releasePancreas-thumbnail reports that researchers at the school studied data from a Connecticut population of 362 newly diagnosed pancreatic cancer patients and a control group of 690 disease-free people. The study looked at regular use of both low-dose aspirin (75 to 325 mg. per day, taken for heart disease prevention) and regular-dose aspirin (325 to 1,200 mg. taken for pain or anti-inflammation purposes). What did they find? Both low-dose and regular-dose aspirin reduced the risk for developing pancreatic cancer by half, but wait, there’s more: among people who took aspirin for more than 10 years, the risk reduction was 60 percent. Pancreatic cancer, the researchers point out, is among the deadliest cancers, with the five-year survival rate at less than 5 percent. By the time it is diagnosed, it is usually too late. Read more from Yale.


  1. “Yet another remarkable thing that cancer appears to do: cut the risk of pancreatic cancer by 50 percent.”

    I think you need to have someone check your work before submission for publication.

  2. Art Jahnke

    You are right about that, thanks.

  3. Good thing to know as I have been taking 85mg aspiring for over a decade.

  4. My brother looks like a survivor after a 12-hour operation at the Mayo Clinic.(after chemotherapy)

    And no spreading.

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