10 Stimulating Thoughts About Caffeine

imagesFrom an interview on Radio Boston, with Murray Carpenter, author of “Caffeinated — How Our Daily Habit Helps, Hurts and Hooks Us.”

    • A Starbucks “grande” (16 ounces) can contain as much caffeine as seven cans of Red Bull.
    • Most of the caffeine in soda and energy drinks is chemically synthesized in overseas pharmaceutical labs.
    • The FDA doesn’t require bottlers to label how much caffeine is in sodas and energy drinks.
    • We now drink far less coffee than our grandparents did.
    • One hundred years ago, the amount of caffeine in a Coke was equivalent to the caffeine levels in a Red Bull today.
    • More than 10 million pounds of caffeine powder are put into sodas in the U.S. annually.
    • Monsanto used to make caffeine for Coca-Cola by extracting it from waste tea leaves.
    • Caffeine blocks a neurotransmitter that tells us we’re tired.
    • Caffeine has performance-enhancing effects and it’s legal in nearly all athletic events.
    • Caffeine decreases certain stages of sleep that make up 20 percent of our sleeping time.

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