Want The Best Doctor? Find A Woman

When it comes to doctoring, women have it all over men, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Montreal. Science Dailyimages reports that the researchers, who studied the billing information of over 870 Quebec practitioners (half of whom were women) found that women had significantly higher scores in terms of compliance with practice guidelines, and they were more likely than men to prescribe recommended medications and to plan required examinations. Among middle-aged doctors, 75 percent of women required their patients to undergo an eye examination vs. 70 percent of their male counterparts; 71 percent prescribed recommended medications compared to 67 percent of male doctors, and a similar proportion prescribed statins (68 percent vs. 64 percent); 39 percent of female doctors specifically asked their patients to undergo a complete examination (vs. 33 percent of male doctors).  Men did win the productivity contest. The researchers found that they reported nearly 1,000 more procedures per year compared to their female counterparts.

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