Resveratrol Undoes Exercise Benefits

Resveratrol, the near magical ingredient found in red wine and believed to boost longevity and youthfulness, has a catch. According to researchers at the University of Copenhagen, the “anti-aging” polyphenol, known to improve cardiovascular performance and extend the lives of non-mammals and mice, appears to counteract the beneficial effects of cardiovascular exercise in older men. The Atlantic reports that researchers studied 27 healthy men, 65 and older, who took intense eight-week classes at CrossFit and did circuit training. Some of the men took 250 mg of resveratrol and some took a placebo. Yikes! The Atlantic reports that the placebo group showed a 45 percent greater increase in maximal oxygen uptake than the resveratrol group, and it also saw a decrease in blood pressure, but the resveratrol group did not.

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