Researchers Say BMI Doesn’t Work For Many

Body Mass In395px-Body_mass_index_chart.svgdex, the 150-year-old formula used to determine if you’re too fat for your own health, is the wrong measure of fitness for one in five people, according to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. The Los Angeles Times, which reports on the research, points out that many studies have shown that obesity may actually offer some health benefits, and some studies suggest that when some lean people develop diseases typically associated with obesity–such as Type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease–they’re more likely to die than if they had been fat with the same diseases. The Penn research puts the proportion of obese adults who are metabolically unhealthy at 21 percent, or roughly 50.4 million, but claims that 8 percent of normal-weight adults are metabolically unhealthy, and wait, there’s more: 10 percent of the obese adults are metabolically healthy.

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