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Broccoli Prevents Arthritis

Strange but true. Broccoli, every child’s broccolileast favorite vegetable, appears to block the production of an enzyme that damages cartilage. The less-than-good news? So far, the connection has only been demonstrated in mice, but researchers believe that human bodies also take the broccoli compound, known as glucoraphanin, and turn it into another, called sulforaphane, which appears to protect the joints. The BBC reportsĀ that, yes, you would have to eat a lot of broccoli to expect some benefit, but broccoli is cheap, and, most adults agree, can be made quite tasty.

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  1. I suppose it won’t be long before someone makes a concentrate of glucoraphanin and tryies to sell it in pill form.

    It’s inevitable as there are so many people suffering from the pain of arthritis. Who wouldn’t like to try it if it is safe to take. The pain of arthritis is the bane of us Geezers.

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